Bringing you closer to our raw material origin, let’s talk about the olive trees variety we can find in our farm.

La Rueda Casa Baja has a total area of 600 hectares of olive trees of four varieties: Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina and Sevillian Manzanilla. The first three one are characteristic from our region and everybody is acquainted with the aroma and taste of these EVOOs. However, the distinctive feature of our olive grove is so large area of Sevillian Manzanilla variety.

Originally, most of the production in our farm was green olives, more commonly known as table olives. Fernando Ruiz, aware of EVOO market gustatory requirements and demand in foreign countries, opts for the Sevillian Manzanilla variety proffering us a top quality product with aromas and flavours that evoke to the table olives we know,  in spite of it’s not usually used to elaborate olive oil due to its low yield.

Of this way, we get an olive juice that is welcomed by the national and international market because of its balance and pleasant taste.

Nowadays, we can play with these two fates of our precious Sevillian Manzanilla variety, being admired as a nice aperitif by someone and as a superb EVOO by us.