In the very heart of La Loma region

We start a project with great enthusiasm and work to become leaders of the exclusive olive oils sector, seasoning dishes globally with flavour and health.

The company owns a large portfolio of clients at national and international level (United States, South America, Asia and Europe), as much inside of restoration sector as in the Horeca Channel

Fernando Ruíz Catena.

The vocational entrepreneur is anyone who, with tenacity and courage, creates an innovative, sustainable and responsible project that gives social wealth. This persevering self-made man fits in this profile, whose identity is based on humanist values and the constant work, looking to the growth and development, as already done in the meat by-products industry being worldwide leader. A career that guarantees his keen business acumen.

A new personal trajectory starts with this project buying FINCA LA RUEDA, that is located in La Loma region and has a plantation of 200.000 olive trees of 4 varieties: Picual, Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Arbequina.

In the heart of this estate an international scope unique factory is built and led by himself who is learning against the clock about the product in his hands.

He clearly wants to consolidate a different and unique company involved in the production process and equipped with the most breakthrough technology of growing, harvesting, production and storage.

He has founded the company La Rueda Casa Baja S.L. that controls the whole process, from the olive trees planting to the olive oil elaboration. Making a worldwide marketing of his product where the quality is endorsed by own laboratory and external one. A company created to get excellent sensory quality olive oils keeping the most stringent hygienic standards and with a painstaking care for the environment within the exclusivity, modernity and self-confidence of this activity.

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