La Rueda Casa Baja S.L. offers a total guarantee of production, quality, traceability and continuity, with 600 hectares of olive trees and 2 million litres of premium quality extra virgin olive oil.

Pure cold-pressed olive juice processed in our mill, controlled by own laboratory and packaging inside our facilities.

The whole process made in our oil mill in order to ensure the freshness.

1. Harvest

In order to guarantee the best extra virgin olive oil juice, the fruit is analysed some months before the harvesting time in order to decide which plots are going to be collected first according to their optimal timing ripeness.

The harvesting is performed in a short time with a suitable care of the fruit and olive trees that provide us so precious Gold Liquid.  For that purpose we have specific machinery and qualified staff that perfectly know this cultivation.

2. Fruit Reception

Our reception yard from the oil mill is manufactured in 100% stainless steel from the collection hoppers to the mills input ones.

The collection hopper, placed on the ground, has a pressured air dumper like a cover. It is opened and closed at every unloading process of olives in order to guarantee that our high-grade fruit is protected when is transported by the white conveyor belts made of certified material for food use.

Of this way, the olives go to the washing machine to be refreshed and cleaned with cold water since they come from the olive grove and have been manipulated during the harvesting.

Finally, they arrive to the selective input hopper to be sent to our mill without standby time.

3. Milling

Our olive oil mill has 4 hammer mills with sieves. Each one collects the olives from the selective input hopper to be milled and then launched to the protoreattore.

The protoreattore is one of the cutting-edge technologies of this sector. A new olive paste preparation system as an alternative to the traditional malaxing. It is based on a screw inside of a cylinder that is equipped with some electrical engines and a programmable device to regulate its rotation speed. The goal during this malaxing phase is the union, faster than the conventional malaxing process, of the oil drops caused by the pressure on the olive paste when the screw is rotating.

The advantage is the malaxing time decrease getting a low temperature in the olive paste that provides a better quality and composition of the extra virgin olive oil. The nutritional qualities of our oils remain unchanged due to the low temperature, mainly the more volatile and salutary compounds for health like phenolic compounds, tocopherol or vitamin E.

4. Malaxing

Our company has the latest technology from the market.

The malaxing modules of Serie Oro (Gold Series) are made of stainless steel and provide us an optimum malaxion with a hollow space for the water circulation. Each module has an unbreakable and anti-fog glass inspection dome equipped with a LEDs system to improve the inside visibility.

Every single basin, fitted with sensors, is preset to operate under different temperatures and speed, and also equipped with a washing system that is programmed upon request after every batch is processed.

5. Extraction and separation

Our company works with Leopard system. The centrifuge extractor, from Leopard Series, represents the two-phases system evolution combining into a single machine the production value without the water addition and the simplicity. A centrifugation that is able to run in continuous and batch processing.

The sieve or vibra-filter is made of stainless steel with a top hinged door, anti-fog LEDs display, cascade oil input and sloped bottom to collect all the olive oil juice. By this vibrating system the olive pulp is separated from its pit taking different tracks.

The olive oil goes to the centrifugal separator Saturno without standby time due to the Mister Cip system. This ensures us to get an always clean and free of sediments olive oil during the whole oil processing season, thanks to the easy-cleaning of the bowl at any time making the separation when machine is running at its full capacity.

The separation is made without any water addition meaning no polluting wastewater is produced.

6. Decanting

Our oil decanters, with an individual volume of 12.500kg, are made of 100% stainless steel and food grade material.

Air and upright tanks equipped with an atmospheric probe and valves at the cone base bottom, where the olive oil sediments go to an external tray to break the contact with the oil.

They also have a transparent and anti-fog level tube along the height of the decanter, in order to see the olive oil volume of every tank, and a probe to stop the oil filling process.

7. Filtering system

We have the most advanced technology of olive oil filters working with the FILTER CAPIFILTRO BM211.

This filter works by vibrations, shakers and filtering sands elements.

This method assures us a 100% quality filtering of the olive oil removing any impurity and polishing our product to get the supreme quality.

8. Preservation

The olive oil cellar from FINCA LA RUEDA has:

* Stainless steel refrigerator sandwich panel of 15 cm thickness from the floor to the roof.

*  Food grade resin floor.

* Refrigeration by an air-conditioning system suitable for food premises guaranteeing a perfect temperature for our Gold Liquid.

*  Fire protection system and emergency exits.

* Specific and modern lighting with colour-changing lights that makes our customers see a spectacular and unique cellar due to its capacity and design.

* 40 stainless steel tanks with a total volume of 4.500.000kg and equipped with:

* Cooling and heating jackets in some of them. A new system that Fernando Ruiz has wanted to install in his cellar in order to guarantee the best quality for his Premium olive oils.

* Specific valves and diffuser rings to put nitrogen into the tanks to ensure an inert olive oil until packaging.

* Transparent level visor to see the volume stocked.

* Temperature and level sensors that send the information of every tank to a centralized computer system at the office and to an input panel from the cellar.

* Individual automatic washing system, from the top to the pipes that join the tanks, for a perfect cleaning during the filling and discharging process.

* Sample collection tap.

* Input and output valves to be used according to the needs of our business.

* Computing system that submits individual orders to every tank to send the olive oil to the packing machine or directly to a tank truck located in the truck scale to be filled and weighed.

* All the overhead and overland pipes from the cellar are made of stainless steel.

* Managing office and tasting room for our customers.

Modern and galactic design from our cellar, like our glass bottles, viewed from the outside.

Preserving that magic of olive oil fruit from heat and cold.

9. Packaging

Through the computing system we send orders to our cellar to receive the olive oil batch that is selected to package. It arrives to the supply tanks located in the packaging area. In this area we have machinery to make different packages formats such as glass, plastic (PET) or metallic tins.

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The environmental sustainability is one of the challenges today’s society and a top priority to be established in the olive grove. To achieve quality and healthy agricultural products for the consumer, through environmental friendly cultivation methods, must be a priority target of the contemporary agriculture. Therefore, the methods used must satisfy the society demands considering the cultivation profitability, environmental protection and sustainability of the system.

Respect and environmental recovery must be the key aspects of the agriculture. In this sense, it being demanded by different government bodies, organisms, institutions, and by olive growers, a reorientation of the olive cultivation practices as not to cause the environmental degradation and pollution, and to assure high-quality food. Accordingly, in Finca La Rueda we work towards the integrated production and other environmental sustainability systems required as well by the different markets we address to with our best EVOO.

The knowledge of the olive tree cultivation achieves a greater degree of maturity when the grower background, qualification and professional advice go together and combined with the passion with which we face every day the new challenges and projects we undertake in FR EVOO.